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Day In The Life

Job descriptions are great; they specify responsibilities, experience needed and other details of a given position. But …. to really get a feel for a particular job, it’s also helpful to hear – first hand – from the people who are already in them.

Check out the quotes below from some of our Wind River associates!

Pump Truck Technician

“I take this job very seriously. We are dealing with both non-hazardous materials and the health and well-being of our customers’ homes and businesses.”


“I’ve always been good with my hands and I studied engines in school. Heavy trucks are a whole new ballgame, though, and I enjoy the learning and the challenge.”

Title V Inspector

“This job is a fun balancing act. I want to keep customers happy by helping them pass inspection, but I know the importance of making sure environmental regulations are followed. I use my judgment and my people skills every day.”

Customer Service Representative

“When customers call in they are often stressed out and worried. I love solving problems for them. It’s like a puzzle and when I can hear the relief on the other end of the phone after I help a customer, it just makes my day.”

Inside Grease Technician

“I love the independence of this job. It’s up to me to make sure our restaurant and supermarket customers’ businesses keep running smoothly.”


“Plumbing is a hidden, but essential part of any business … you don’t notice it until it fails! I like the daily challenge of figuring things out and the smiles on my customers’ faces when I fix the problem.”

Tractor Trailer Driver

“I like being outside and I like working independently. As a tractor trailer driver, I know I’m an essential part of the machine that keeps our customers happy.”

Septic Sytem Installation and Repair Manager

“I always enjoyed ‘doing the work,’ but now, as a Manager, I’ve learned to help others get the job done. It’s fast-paced and I get real satisfaction out of watching my team perform so well.”

Drain Cleaner

“I’m not an office work kind of person. This job keeps me on the move – no two days are ever alike!”
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