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Accepting a position with a company is a big commitment. And, since we like our team members to stick around for years and years, we want to make sure you have a good sense of what it’s like to work here.

Check out these frequently asked questions – and answers – for the inside scoop…

What’s the work atmosphere like at Wind River Environmental?
In a phrase: Good, Clean, Fun.
“Good,” because we are committed to contributing to the communities in which we live and work. We sponsor local events, local sports teams and many other great organizations. In the past we have participated in a build day for Habitat for Humanity; volunteered for the Charles River Cleanup; donated Thanksgiving dinner to 300 families; and sponsored a fellowship for a military veteran.

“Clean,” because our mission as a company is to keep the Earth’s water healthy and contaminant free. Nobody is making any more water; whatever we have on the planet is all there is for us, our children, and the generations that follow.

“Fun,” because it makes everything more enjoyable. We have a good time with our customers and with our fellow Wind River associates. Our annual party includes a catered dinner, with presentations and dancing. We share a yearly (funny) video and give out all kinds of awards, including Most Valuable Player; Rookie of the Year; Branch of the Year, and the (highly coveted ) “Extra Miler.”
Do you have a Safety Program?
Hmm, let’s see. Huge trucks, heavy machinery, hazardous waste … nah, we just send you out there with a hearty handshake and our good wishes.
We’re kidding! Of course we have a safety program. It’s our top priority and we take it seriously. If you join our team, you will receive safety training and be asked to sign a personal safety pledge. You’ll also be given the authority to stop any job that you do not believe, in good faith, can be executed safely.
What about Benefits?
We offer health and wealth benefits programs to associates and their spouses/same-gender domestic partners and dependents.
As a full-time associate, and after 30 days of employment, you will be eligible to receive:
  • Medical benefits.
  • Dental coverage.
  • Vision coverage.
  • Company paid life insurance (eligible after 90 days).
  • Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) with Company contributions.
  • Company paid short-term disability insurance to all associates who perform physical labor as a key component of their job responsibilities.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
Do you offer other voluntary insurance plans?
Indeed we do! After 90 days of employment, associates are eligible for:
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Life Insurance
Do you offer a 401(k) plan?
Absolutely, After 180 days or six months of employment, associates become eligible for our 401(k) program.
But wait, it gets better: We have Company matching opportunities too.
Do you offer bonus/incentive programs for eligible positions?
We’d be embarrassed if we didn’t.
Depending on the position, there are a number of specific incentive and bonus plans. Make sure to ask for details during your employment interview.
Will you train and develop me?
Let’s just say that when we are done training and developing you, your own cat will hardly recognize you.
Our proprietary training framework – Wind River University – is where all of our training takes place. Our programs focus on the development of essential leadership capabilities and the skills necessary to deliver excellent services to our customers. It’s developed specifically for each job function in the company and each Wind River team member becomes a WRU graduate.
Do you offer employee discounts?
Did you really think we’d sit still while sludge built up in your septic system?
All Wind River Environmental full-time team members with six months of service become eligible to receive one standard servicing of their septic system (pump and general inspection) along with an annual supply of additives.

Other services, (e.g. Title V Inspections) are provided at a 35% discount.
Do you offer an associate referral bonus program?
We’ve learned from experience that great team members have great friends?
If you refer a qualified candidate you will receive a cash bonus after they have completed 180 days or 6 months with the company.
What do Holidays and Time Off look like?
We like to barbecue, maybe toss the Frisbee with the kids, you know.
Oh, sorry, you mean how much do you get!
  • Eight (8) Paid Holidays (full time associates)
  • Paid Time Off (associates begin accruing paid time off after 90 days of full time employment)
I want to apply to be a Technician, are there separate benefits?
  • Uniforms provided
  • Boot reimbursement
  • Company paid short-term disability benefits
  • Little kids ask for your autograph
How do I apply?
Applying to work here is easy. View our Current Openings page where you’ll be able to submit a resume to apply online.
And don’t worry if we don’t get right back to you! Although we may not have an appropriate position for you at the moment, we really do “keep your resume on file.” If we find a match between your qualifications and an open position in the future, we’ll be in touch.
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